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Welcome to ArmadaCon 2020

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy multi-media convention that's been running in Plymouth since 1988.




Please use the links above to have a look around our site.



Virtual-ArmadaCon is live.

See below for details


Gary The Orc GoFundMe page for St. Luke's

This Year so we can raise money for our favourite charity, Gary The Orc has setup a GoFundMe page for St. Luke's

Please donate if you can.





Virtual-ArmadaCon on Saturday 7th November.

We’re going to be live and online ALL DAY Saturday 7thNovember from 9am til the bar closes.

We’ve got 4 interesting and diverse panels with guest speakers, and there’ll be time for questions, as well as opportunities to chat your fellow attendees between and after the panels.

2020 Online Programme

8.45am virtual doors open. Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room, we'll let you in soon.
9am – 10am Panel 1: Dr Bob and Gary Loveridge on being a GM
11am – 12noon Panel 2: Reproduction Medieval Instruments with Clare Goodall
1pm – 2pm Panel 3: Author and veteran panelist David Wake
3pm – 4pm Panel 4: A Performance by “Circle of Spears”
4pm – close: Chatting in the virtual bar, BYOB

Tickets to the zoom call available now:

Our wonderful friends at The Folklore Podcast are hosting our zoom call.

To join in, please click the link below to get your virtual ticket.
Tickets are a £5 donation to the running costs of ArmadaCon and next year’s convention.
However, this is entirely voluntary – if you do not wish to, or are not able to donate, then that is absolutely fine! We would rather your company than your money.
Please enter the discount code “OrcFriend” at checkout and your ticket will be free:

Once you’ve purchased a ticket, you will receive a link to download a PDF file with the login details.
Please do not share the log in details with others.

Please purchase one ticket per device. Obviously, your whole household can attend on the same device on one ticket, but if you want to watch on separate devices, please purchase multiple tickets. Any questions, just ask! Hope you can join us - the ArmadaCon Team




ArmadaCon 2020 has been CANCELLED

Hello from ArmadaCon

We were really hoping not to have to write this, but we believe we have no choice.

As I am sure you have suspected, we are having to cancel ArmadaCon this year. It has been a hard decision and we held out hope for as long as possible, but we have had to bow to the inevitable.

I hope like us, you aren’t surprised, but disappointed. We had to gauge the fun of the convention and seeing all our friends again, against the risks and challenges posed by the pandemic we are living through. Things are slowly improving, but at this stage the compromises we would have to make and the procedures we would have to put into place would seriously effect what we could do.

We would love to see everyone, ArmadaCon attendees feel more like family (strange and possibly a little weird sometimes), but we would rather everyone stayed healthy and safe and we could see you next year.

Additionally, we don’t know what the future will bring. Experts are talking about a second wave in the winter and that could hit just as we are starting the convention weekend. We are financially stable at the moment, but if we had to cancel at the last minute it could hit us hard and jeopardise ArmadaCon 2021.

We are intending to transfer everyone’s registration to next year. If you have paid for 2020, don’t worry you don’t have to pay for 2021.

However, all is not gloom and doom. Along the lines of a number of other conventions we are planning on going virtual. We have already started talking about what we want to do. It won’t be ArmadaCon in the flesh, but we hope to try and give you a feeling of the Con anyway.

Keep an eye here and social media for further details as they become available.

Gary the Orc is taking his usual summer hibernation at the moment, but he will soon be rudely awoken with a big stick (we don’t want to get too close, you should smell his hibernation breath, yeuck) and we will force him to spread the news.

If you have the time, we would love you to get involved in our first virtual Con and if anyone wants to contribute in anyway, please feel free to let us know.

Whatever happens stay safe, healthy and sane and we hope we can see you next year.

ArmadaCon Committee



ArmadaCon 2020 Website is Live



Please note in your diary our dates this year as they are a week later than usual.


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