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Rose Lilith Astrologer

Rose Lilith

Rose Lilith is an astrologer.

Having been interested in Astrology from the age of 16, I took it up seriously in 2014 and qualified in May 2018 to be able to do personal birth charts and to run workshops on exploring our personalities in more depth and bringing awareness to present planetary influences that may be hindering or positively influencing one's life presently using the Natal chart.

My background is growing up in Somerset surrounded by nature with a spiritually minded family which rubbed off on me, allowing me to find my own way in this field. Always interested in the deeper side of life I listened to many wise teachers and always felt a connection to the spirit world, seeing ghosts as a child and simply growing up with a sense of a spiritual dimension.

For me Astrology incorporates a practical structure with an energy or consciousness that when put together makes a map of the planets and their influence on us the moment we are born. We may never fully understand how exactly it works but time and time again mapping the planets to us on Earth in this way, at a certain place and time seems to paint a picture of our personalities and can help us so much in understanding ourselves better. Astrology can also show up your soul purpose and help you to get on that path.


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