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Clare Goodall

Clare Goodall

Clare is a Storyteller and Musician. Her stories and music tend to be from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and the European Medieval, Renaissance and Tudor worlds - with a spinkling of the Anglo-Saxon.

She's adapted the Iliad into a 55 minute show and created 'Firestarter: John Ball and the Great Revolt' with fellow musician Lizzie Gutteridge. Clare tells the tale of the Peasants Revolt of 1381 while Lizzie live loops medieval music.

She has performed at the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Arundel castle, Beaumauris Castle, the Edinburgh Fringe, the Brighton Fringe, numerous pubs & cafes as well as to people living with Alzheimers. She's run the entertainments at banquets (Puppet Agincourt went down a storm) and medieval dance workshops.

To stop herself becoming stale she's recently started live looping as well as balloon modelling (Her Penguin and T-rex are currently her favourites)

Although she has a collection of around 60 reproduction instruments she, as ever, remains convinced that she needs just one more.


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