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Peter Hill

Peter Hill

My name is Peter Hill and I am currently a director at Heathcoat Fabrics Limited.

I was born and raised in Tiverton and then studied Biological Sciences at Birmingham University.

At Heathcoat I have been fortunate to work in a wide range of roles including as an Industrial Engineer, Planner, Production Manager and General Manager before becoming a Director.

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning and have continued to improve my knowledge and skills throughout my career by attending technical and management related courses and studying in order to achieve further qualifications.

At Heathcoat I have had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects and new product developments from fabrics used in renewable energy systems to the special parachute fabric we designed for NASA that was used to land the Perseverance Rover on Mars in February 2021.

Best of all I have had the privilege to work with some many great people including my colleagues at Heathcoat Fabrics, customers, suppliers and other partners.


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