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A copy of this years program is avalible to download.

Go to the What is ArmadaCon? Page to find out more.




Some changes have been made to the Convention Policies.

Go to the Policies Page to find out more.




This years Masquerade.

One of the great things about a con is the chance for a little sartorial showing off and seeing the wonderful outfits that people have created.

So, we will be having a hall costume competition and everyone is invited to take part.

If you've already got something in mind that's fantastic, but, if you're not sure, how about our daily themes to challenge and inspire you...

Saturday - All Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

Lots of science fiction set in the future draws inspiration from the past. From Star Trek and Stargate's numerous alien cultures that mirrored ancient civilisations, via Rocket Robin Hood and the renaissance Italy stylings of Dune, to David Drake and David Webber's Napoleonic navies in space.

Dive in and show us your vision from All Tomorrow's Yesterdays*

Sunday - All Yesterday’s Tomorrows

There's nothing quite like putting a date on a piece of science fiction to err... date it.

1984, UFO, Space:1999, 2001, Back to the Future 2, Bladerunner, and so many more were set in what was, at the time, the future. Let's visit the Gernsback Continuum and all those visions of the future that weren't quite what came to pass.

Just do us a favour and steer clear of Star Trek's Patterns of Force*...

** No, we're not kidding - Please No Nazi's, they're verboten





We are as yet unable to take bookings online due to problems with PayPal

We have our first guest; Sculpter James Burgess.

We will post more information as it is available.





Big News Comming Soon




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