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Fri 1st - Sun 3rd November, 2024

Are you crafty? Do you love a good yarn?

When we meet at ArmadaCon this year, the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who will be fast approaching. If you like making things from yarn, perhaps you would like to join with THE SCARF!

We are inviting anyone who wants to to start knitting, crocheting, macrameing…

You choose the colour. You choose the thickness of the yarn. Use scraps or whole balls. Just so long as the width is 25cm.

The length?


Well, how far can we go? The world record for a single scarf is 4565.46 metres.

We're aiming for a 60 for the 60th theme. Can we reach 60 feet? Can we reach 60 yards? How about being able to drape the scarf around 60 conventioneers?

If you want to start now — I have — you can bring your length of scarf with you to the con. We can carry on at the con at HP Lunchcraft and any odd moments. Everyone will have the chance of contributing, even if only by one stitch.

Materials will be available at the con. The only ask is for you to please sew your ends in! My piece is chunky yarn, 35 stitches in knit (garter) stitch on 5.5 mm needles.

And in the best Armadacon tradition of, say, a Star Trek wrist communicator, the scarf may just return year after year! We might just get to that world record, yet!

Any questions can be sent to Vicky Vagg on rentawitch at gmail dot com, or via Facebook Messenger.

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