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Welcome to ArmadaCon 2021

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy multi-media convention that's been running in Plymouth since 1988.




Please use the links above to have a look around our site.



Returning With Confidence

We aim to make ArmadaCon as safe and relaxed as possible. We’ve made changes to enable you to return with confidence.
To protect our attendees, we know that you will be willing to follow these guidelines.


Before you join us, please fulfil the following:
• Have had a negative result on a Lateral Flow Test within the previous 24 hours.

We also advise you to:
• Be double vaccinated.
• Show proof of natural immunity shown by a positive PCR test result for COVID-19 following completion of your self-isolation period, if applicable.


If you need it or are unable to test before you arrive, we will have plenty of Lateral Flow test kits available. We also have an experienced Lateral Flow tester on-site to help you through the process.


Based on research and the hotel, Future Inns Plymouth, we would ask all of our attendees to wear a mask in the corridors and common areas.
We would encourage the wearing of masks in the convention rooms when moving around.


We would ask the attendees to be aware of how near you are to other people and avoid crowding, especially at obvious bottlenecks.
In the convention rooms, you are welcome to move your chair to give yourself the room to make yourself comfortable.

This is as new to us as it is to you and we would welcome any suggestions and feedback to help us improve.

Please let us know if you have any special concerns or issues.




Our forth guest, Dave Turner has been announced.

Go to the Guests Page for full details



Our second and third guests, Peter Hill and Chrissey Harrison have been announced.

Go to the Guests Page for full details




Our first guest, Clare Goodall has been announced.

Go to the Guests Page for full details



Big News Comming Soon







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