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Fri 1st - Sun 3rd November, 2024

What's On for 2023?

Convention Programme

This year's programme is chock full of interesting panels to attend. You can find more on the programme page.


This year's theme for cosplay is Anniversaries. Lots of anniversaries with round numbers are worth considering in 2023:

30th Babylon 5 Who will dare to wear a full-body Babylon 5 station outfit? You could put someone's eye out!
30th The X-Files Who shall you dress as? Mulder? Scully? The CSM?
40th The Colour of Magic The Discworld has so many characters to choose from. Who's your favourite?
40th Beetlejuice Dress how you like just please don't say that three times fast.
60th Doctor Who Who is your favourite Doctor? Your favourite companion? Your favorite villain?
70th Fahrenheit 451 If you want to come as a fireman, that's fine. Just don't burn any actual books.
90th Doc Savage Here's your chance to show up in jodhpurs and a ripped shirt.

Of course, there's no reason you should limit yourself to a round number. Some really great things have round-ish anniversaries, like Red Dwarf's 35th, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's 45th, The War of the Worlds's 125th. Heck, even ArmadaCon is now up to its 35th anniversary; anybody want to dress up as a young Gary the Orc?

What other anniversaries can you think of?

60' for the 60th

For the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, some crafty people are trying to create a really long scarf. Would you like to join them?

Book Launches

This year we have two authors making ArmadaCon their official UK book launch event.

Dawn and Dave of the Dead
Dawn and Dave of the Dead: The Walking Dead meets The Office
by David Wake

It’s almost the End of the World, but with Pimm’s on the patio, video games and working in his pants – Dave’s having a great apocalypse.

Until the return-to-work order shatters his peace.

Dawn holds her own – just – as the last woman alive (West Midlands Emergency Area) in a secret bunker.

Until a surprise visit by the Minister of Resilience, Calmness and Fortitude.

Dave needs more than air pods and sharp elbows to endure his heroic journey to the office as he battles the worst commuters known to man – hordes of shambling zombies.

And Dawn discovers that saving the world is part of her job description.

Will Dave make it to the office on time for the team meeting?

Will Dawn ever get sufficient supplies of toilet paper?

Will the dating-app matched lovers ever cross paths?

Take a riotous, satirical trip through undead-infested Birmingham with this hilarious zombie romantic comedy.

And remember everyone – run, run very fast, save lives...

Who is Anna Stenberg
Who is Anna Stenberg
by Tracey Norman

Victorian England...

When her murderous father escapes from an institution, a young girl is forced to flee to safety with secretive pickpocket Anna.

Disguised as a boy called Viktor, and drawn into Anna's mysterious activities, she is catapulted into a strange investigation, and learns that Anna may be able to help her uncover the mystery of her mother's disappearance.

As she and Anna find friendship, Viktor's disguise brings empowerment and safety, until a tragedy forces her to take on a new identity in order to survive a world full of supernatural threats.

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